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Oct 21 - 26, 2019

Event Timeline




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***all events are free and open to everyone***

Monday October 21st



Who: jess pretty

Location: Dance Building, Studio B

Class Description: This class is highly physical and highly sensational. I approach this class the same way I approach my research: How can we locate pleasure and euphoria in the body as we dance and carry with us the real stakes involved with being a part of our culture? Through looking at the multiple ways in which the body can process and produce movement influenced by an Africanist vernacular and aesthetic we will investigate the ways in which we use the strength and agility of the body to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into a deep questioning of our physical practice.


Tuesday October 22


Solo Together

Location: Dance Building, Studio D

Who: Leah Wilks + Mauriah Kraker

Class Description: In this workshop, we’ll investigate what it means to be in solo practice in proximity to each other. Beginning from a place of sensation, we’ll explore sounding, working with eyes closed, and navigating touch



Practices in Embodied Observation.

Location: Dance Building, Studio B

Who: Leah Wilks + Mauriah Kraker

Class description: Through observation, walking and movement practices, we’ll explore inside-ness, outside-ness, and place + what that means in our making practices

Wednesday,  October 23rd


Queering Movement

Location: Dance Building, Studio B

Who: Felix Cruz

Class Description: This class will focus on technical efficiency, questioning technique, and how we can embody prescribed movement to fit our aesthetic, identity, and creativity. We will improvise for kinesthetic awareness/agency, move through/question set phrase work, and find ways we can physically explore movement in a way that suits our needs, wants, and passions. It will be a technique/creative practice combo


Worlds At The End Of The World

Location: Dance Building, Studio C


Choreographed and performed by Felix Cruz

*This performance contains nudity*


Choreographed and performed by jess pretty


Thursday, October 24th


Performing/Dancing the Anthropocene Panel

Location: Dance Building, Studio B

Presenters: Charli Brissey and Stephanie Steinhardt

Participants: Michael Morris, Leah Wilks, Mauriah Kraker, Felix Cruz, Angela M. Schöpke-Gonzalez 




Dancing at the End of the World 1

Location: Dance Building, Studio A

Armageddon or Sunrise or Something

Choreographed and Performed by Mauriah Kraker and Leah Wilks



Friday, October 25th


Art in the Anthropocene: Student Panel + Community Gathering

Location:  Crazy Wisdom Tea Room (114 S. Main St 2nd Floor)

Who: Charli Brissey, Felix Cruz, Mauriah Kraker, Michael Morris, Leah Wilks + undergraduate and

graduate students from University of Michigan's DANC 496: Special Topics in Choreography: Art & Ecology class



Reimagining Self & Society from a Cyborg Experience

Location: Dance Building, Studio C

Who: Angela M. Schöpke-Gonzalez

Class Description: 

In this workshop, through a series of movement / reflective / expressive exercises, we’ll work to try to answer questions around what it means to reimagine self and society from a place of tension rather than from a place of wholeness. For our investigations, we’ll understand humanness as a cyborg experience[1] (i.e. if liminality or betweenness were not a transitional experience to a new self, but rather a “stable” life state in itself). In a reimagination of self and society that is born in this tension or cyborg space, what do our identity narratives look like? How do we exist in a space of tension? What does that space feel like?


Dancing at the End of the World 2

Location: Dance Building, Studio A


Elemental Rites at the End of the World

Choreographed and performed by Michael J. Morris

Agua Viva

Choreographed and performed by Charli Brissey


*This event is followed by food and a dance party w/ DJ MEDUSA*


Saturday, October 26th


Dancing Body Magic

Location: Dance Building, Studio A

Who: Michael Morris

Class Description: This workshop emerges from the premise that we are living in times of crisis, and that in order to stay with the troubles among us, as Donna Haraway has suggested, we need to develop meaningful rituals and co-creative experiences that draw on our personal resources and collective needs. What are the experiences we need to support us in times of deep political and ecological unrest, and how might dancing and dance-making become generative sites at which to create such rituals? Building on the legacies and teachings of artists like Anna Halprin, Sara Shelton Mann, and Keith Hennessy, this class brings together a range of methodologies and traditions—including somatic practices, score-based movement, Fake Healing/Therapy (developed by Valentina Desideri), tarot, and astrology—to craft shared experiences at the scale of bodies and communities capable of supporting and sustaining our survival and resistance. We will consider how collective embodied practices give us opportunities for working within and between tradition, experimenting with new forms of social relation, inventing practices that bring us into connections that embrace difference, and developing rituals for navigating the complexities of our world. Dancing Body Magic looks to the body as the intersection of the human and the more-than-human, normative regulation and subversive resistance, the aesthetic and the sacred.


Senkai Juku: Meguri

Location: Power Center

**event not specifically part of the symposium** (but GO see it)



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