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Worlds At The the End of the World

Wednesday Oct 23rd / 6pm / Dance Building, Studio C (downstairs)


Choreography and Performance by jess pretty

run time: 40 minutes

“I was in a conversation earlier this year that ended in me spitting out the question what would it look like if we lived in a world that was made for us?…said to another black woman about the daily anxieties that come attached with moving through this white man-made world as a body that is not. after I asked this question the walls I had around this physical realm, my dream realm and my desire realm began to melt and discover new possibilities around each other. What is it like to begin to marinate in these marriages and grab onto (read: synthesize) what I can as a part of this practice? So far it’s brought up: familial histories and how trauma/anxiety are passed down generations, relationships, time, boundaries, ancestors, expectations, fucking, desire, vulnerability…..this research has opened me up to reimagining what it is that I want, which at the baseline is happiness. But how am I practicing that? How am I putting in the work to show up for myself? As these relationships to people, spaces, places, thoughts swim around me where am I finding myself within them? How can I reimagine the spaces I claim to reside in and sharpen gaze as these worlds move around each other?” – jess pretty



Choreography and Performance by Felix Cruz

run time: 12 minutes

"I am the "A(he)ir" of love, compassion, anger, fierceness, free will, constraints, queerness. Pop culture taught me all I know. My body has changed physically, mentally, emotionally. How can I continue to express my needs, wants, and passions with this new body in a world that doesn't listen nor care? I don't fucking know. But we will find a way."

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