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Choreography and Sound: Charli Brissey

Performance: Charli Brissey, Randi Townsend, Alex Hutton, Jessica Watson, Phoebe Ballard, Donna Caroway, Kadesha Ellis, Kaleigh Dent, Madline Mellinger, Leah Walks. Charlie Maybee, and Catalina Hernandez

Additional Sound Mixing: John Dombroski

This work is inspired by a group of saurischian dinosaurs that are theorized to have evolved into a present-day birdspecies. It examines the complexities of the many cohabitating cultures and ecosystems that have developed between human and non-human species by researching power structures, modes of evolution, hierarchy, and entanglement through choreographic scores and collective tasks. When the homo sapien sapien is decentralized as the quintessence of intelligence, communication, culture, how does this reorientation reveal new emergences of how bodies might inhabit time and space together?

Photos by Natalie Fiol

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