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Directed by Charli Brissey & Courtney Harris

Edited by Charli Brissey

Music by Cafe Accordion Orchestra

Select Screenings:

Dance on Camera Festival (New York City, USA)

Bangalore Queer Film Festival (Bangalore, India)

Dance Camera West (Los Angeles, USA)

Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival (Paris, France)

Vanouver Queer Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)

Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)

Bucharest International Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania)

D.C. Independent Film Festival (Washington DC)

Miami Screendance Festival (Miami, USA)

Dance Film Festival UK (London, United Kingdom)

Zurich Moves (Zurich, Switzerland)

LOIKKA Dance Film Festival (Helsinki, Finland)

Boston LGBT Film Festival (Boston, USA)

International Screendance Festival at the American Dance Festival (Durham, USA)

Tipperary Dance Platform (Tipperary, Ireland)

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