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Dancing at the End of the World 1

Thursday Oct 24th / 7pm / Betty Pease Theater (Studio A)

armageddon or sunrise or something

choreography + performance: L+M (Leah Wilks + Mauriah Kraker)

lighting: Alena Samoray

sound: Hayat Dominguez + Leah Wilks

dramaturgy: Ell Emadian

Choreographers Mauriah Kraker and Leah Wilks will perform their acclaimed duet Armageddon or Sunrise or Something, an hour-long endurance-driven event that asks questions about place, boundary, sensuality, care, and exhaustion. Pulling from the duo’s different training histories in improvisation, Olympic-level sport, ballet, modern dance technique, photography, and sound design, the piece functions as both a grief ritual and a space for reckoning with limitation. 

“...a work that calls forth grief, joy, exhaustion, as
well as the manifestation of the daily and the
generational. This work touches a space of the
finite and infinite, natural and supernatural,
commonplace and magical, disaster and resiliency.”

- Chloe Nagle, Smile Politely review

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